Day 14

Video transcription

So we’re on day 14 of 28 of the Smartstart program and I thought it was a good opportunity to briefly summarise some of the key points we’ve covered to date.

1. Building a habit is a journey

A journey has a destination; something important to you that you want to achieve. Indeed desire becomes the psychological fuel of your journey. So it’s really important to keep connected to it.

The journey is catalysed into action by the first of your 4 heroes that I introduced you to; The Master hero, whose purpose is to first ask the question “What is important to me”?. And then secondly to affirm this. Like someone marching in the streets for a cause. Your cause. You. Cos you deserve it.

2. We are not a single coherent self

Psychologicaly we are in fact made up of multiple sometimes conflicting selves; we are a community of selves. One of the most common experiences of the conflict between our selves is when we procrastinate. Its like a group of people who arguing amongst themselves and not being able to find common ground, and not being willing to make the effort or sacrifice that the common ground calls for.

3. The distinction between habits and practices

Habits are a powerful stepping stone of evolution however they are always designed for a specific purpose and environment and both of those change over time. But, because a true habit is done automatically they become invisible to us. The danger of this is that they can become out of date, and difficult to change. A practice on the other hand is like a habit in that it is done regularly but unlike a habit in that its done with intention and effort.

Which brings us to the fourth point which is

4. The importance of Beginnings and Endings

Any intentional form of change, of which the practice is our vehicle, requires us to “wake up” in a sense. But trying to do that all the time I difficult. Thats why I recommend that you use your beginning and end of your day to build what I call a living beginning and a living end.

The beginning sets an intention for your day and a reminder of what is important to you about it. The living ending brings your “working on” team into play and they help you to reflect and learn and refine the configuration of your practice so that it can work better for you over time.

5. And the fifth point is about your self author

You are always more than you know yourself to be. You are more than your 4 heroes. Without your direction they sometimes fall asleep, so they need a team manager. You are more than your beliefs. Whilst your life as it has been is a reflection of your beliefs, your future is not determined by them. In every space between the past and the future is your Self author and their capacity to choose a better future for you. Remember this, and have faith in your ability to be more than you knew yourself to be.