Welcome to Smartstart

Video transcription

Hi, and welcome to the Smartstart program. I’m Mitch and I’ll be your habit coach over the next 28 days. The goal of the program is to help you build the foundations of the habit you selected when you signed up.

But I have a second goal and that is to coach you to develop your general “habit mastery”; that is your ability to build ANY habit. The idea of “Habit mastery” is like that saying “Give a man or women a fish and feed them for a day; teach them how to fish and feed them for a lifetime”. Habit mastery is a gift that keeps on giving because as it grows it develops your ability to “author” your habits and your day and your life. If you stick with this program for 28 days I am confident you will build both your habit and your habit mastery.

But of course developing a habit is not a “spectator sport”. Just as there are laws of physics, there are also laws of habit change. And the first law of habit change is that “your change will only be proportionate to the amount of effort that you put into it”. My role, as your coach will be to stand beside you as your ally, and to try and create the best conditions for you to be successful.

The way that I’m delivering this coaching is via the 2 emails that you’ll receive each day. Each morning I’ll send you what we call the “preparation” email and this will include some content and a link to a short video, like this one. The purpose of these is to coach you about how to master your habits, rather than your habits mastering you. The evening email which we call the “reflection” email closes the learning loop each day. You’ll learn about the distinction between working IN your habit and working ON your habit.

And together these emails are like the beat of a song. They will help you to build a rhythm around your habit.

So I encourage you to think about how you can make sure you’ll open these 2 emails each day. By default the emails are delivered at 7am and 7pm but in the footer of this email you’ll see a link that enables you to change the time the emails are delivered each day. Click on this to adjust these to suit your own personal routine.

Now throughout the program, if you have ANY questions at all, about either the program content, or your own habit journey, then please reach out to me. You can contact me in one of 2 ways. You can either reply to any email, which will find it’s way into my inbox. You’ll also find a feedback link in each email you receive that opens a web form where you can rate the day program content or give feedback, or ask questions.

The byline of Smartstart is to “the smartest start to building a habit”, and as you go through this program, one thing I would really appreciate is if you have have any thoughts about how it make it smarter, to please let me know. I genuinely want the program to live up to that byline. The program starts tomorrow so you’ll get your first email then. I look forward to coaching you through the next 28 days. See you tomorrow.